About Us

Established in 2006 Smart Living Solutions have one mission - to develop homes with simple to use, life enhancing technology.

Experience, Knowledge, Professionalism

Our business is working with our team to create, design and deliver bespoke home and office integration packages that brings the very best technological and innovative concepts to living and work environments.

To do this well, we know that listening to our clients, suppliers and team is important, as bringing any project to completion all key members play a vital role, and we see our role as pivotal.

Our clients value and understand that great end results come from hard work, time, effort and most importantly, thought, we spend time thinking of ways to wow our clients.

Discussing and creating an individual proposal is very important for our clients, as they love a unique concept that that reflects their aspirational values.

In short, they love and get excited about seeing our ideas come to life.

What Makes Us Different?

Its our passion, we love what we do and we love seeing our clients happy, to achieve this we have an in depth understanding of construction and the hidden factors in completing a project on time and to the full satisfaction of our clients.

Our technical expertise and creative thinking allows us to add further value in terms of the process and the finished concept.

What Can You Expect For Us?

We view each and every client as, not just a customer, but a long-term partner. We work hard to deliver 100% satisfaction from initial design and installation thorugh to our aftersales service.

We choose and work with our manufacturer partners with great care. Every product we supply is chosen for design, performance and long-term reliability. We bring individual products together to deliver a cohesvie, integrated solution that is both wasy to use and reliable.